Panigale Kingdom Trackday - 1 Oct 22

Track Day Weekends

1 October 2022

It was a ride up to Sepang for another Trackday Weekends. This time we again signed up for the Panigale Kingdom Trackday in the morning of Saturday 1 October from 9 am. to 1pm. This was followed by DRM (Desmo Racing Malaysia) Trackday in the afternoon on the same day.

Panigale Kingdom Trackday

1 October 2022

Sepang International Circuit.

The ride up was uneventful. Had prepared the bike and the items to ride up after work on Friday and then to the track on Saturday. The tyres was changed to the Pirelli Supercorsa V2 and the oil changed and brake and clutch system serviced. Later at night, I was joined by a group of friends who had come to Kuala Lumpur to catch the track session and volunteered to be the pit crew

Trackday Weekends is always a good time when you can unwind from your hectic work schedule and just find time for yourself. The solitude of spending time on your own add to the reflection time that you can do on hoow well you have been doing. At the track, it also gives you time to know your bike better, where man and machine learns and depends on one another. We also had a great bonding session with friends over good dinner and time spent just chillaxing at the hotel.

Below are some of the photos that we had captured for the day.

Some on the top rack photo...taken by freelance photographer around the track. Still plenty more to learn and practice especially body positioning while taking corners as well as leaning out to make the corners more smooth. There are plenty of opportunities to keep learning especially when you have friends who are willing to share their knowledge.

Tyre wear for just the morning session on the Pirelli Supercorsa 2

Warm Up Lap

Join us on our warm up lap on this wet morning in Sepang.

Rode back home to Singapore early on Sunday morning to attend the wedding of a good friend. Glad to be back in time to be able to make it for the wedding of Mohammad Naeem.

Congratulations of your Wedding Day

To Mohamad Naeem,

Congratulations on your wedding day. May your marriage be blessed with happiness for you both.... and last till Jannah.