Exploring Western Thailand Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi


Exploring Western Thailand 2018 Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi

This ride was a landmark ride for me. it took place during the muslim fasting month of Ramadan, where muslim all over the world are expected to keep to a strict fasting routine from dawn to dusk. This would mean that I would be going on this trip and to abstain from food and drinks from sunrise and sunset each day. Although this would not be as enjoyable as what it could have been had I travelled out of the month of Ramadan. However, this was one of the few periods that I had to travel on my bike during my break and I will not let it go to waste. At the same time not many of my friends would be able to accompany me on this trip partly because they do not want to travel during the fasting month or they were not able to apply for leave of absence from their commitmemt. Hence it would mean that I will be riding SOLO on this trip up to the borders of Myanmar on the central-western side of Thailand. It definitely is not my first time riding solo but it will be a lonely one for the next 10 days.

SOLO = Lonely Ride ?

Through my travels I have learnt how to keep onesef occupied when riding alone in other countries. As we spent most of the days on the road and visiting places of interest, the loneliness is kept at a low level however it will be during meals and rest stops that you find the inability to talk or joke with your riding mates to be very apparent especially at dinner time. We would always spend time during and after dinner chilling out with our riding buddies talking about the day's adventure and talking crap to each other (jokes aside), enjoying each other's company and appreciating one another for being there throughout the trip.

However I do find that not to be the case. If I may state the advantages of riding SOLO during any trips.

  1. Riding at your OWN PACE.

You are able to plan your own stops and stop whenever you want. You can also plan where to stay for the night or stop when you feel tired. You do not have to keep pace with the rest of the group or you can ignore the fact that as a leader you need to ensure others keep up the pace.

  1. Test you ability to PLAN & EXECUTE a ride

This gives you a chance to plan your own ride, plan destinations, plan where to visit or simply just plan to ride town to town and enjoy the time plain riding. It gives you a chance to carry out some route planning and logistics arrangement eg. accomodation, paperwork etc.

  1. Ability to practice your ENDURANCE and PERSEVERANCE

Being on your own means that you are able to stop when you are tired or you can decide to push on at your own will without having to consider about other riders. This means that you have a chance to see how far you can push yourself before being tired and know you capability during a ride without having to affect others in the ride. You are your own boss so to say.

  1. A time to CLEAR YOUR MIND (enjoying some me time)

A good time to spend your energy clearing your mind and enjoying the peace and tranquil that comes with being alone for the period of time. Some may find this refreshing after being busy dealing with others back at work or even getting away from the stress of life and doing what you love most...riding and travelling.


You are able to spend more time with your bike, putting it through different rigours of the trip and be able to know what your bike is capable of. You can also build up your confidence of riding your bike when faced with challenges eg. going offroad with the bike, doing twisties up the mountain with oit etc.

  1. LEARN TO MIX with the locals

Learn the cultures & and how locals do their stuff. You are able to mix around with the locals instead of keeping to your little groups. Especially when going on rides (eg. boat rides) that requires a group of participants) you can be seated together with the locals and surround yourself with their language and see how friendly they can be to tourists.

  1. MAKE NEW FRIENDS from overseas

You are forced to chat and talk to others when you are on your own. Use this time to practice your communication skill and chat with others (overcome that language barriers somehow). You will find that you are able to be a moreoutgoing person when you are forced by circumstances.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 1

Distance 1300km

S'pore - Phattalung - Surat Thani

Took some time to explore the places of interest in Phattalung province of Thailand. Phattalung is the next province above of Songkhla (border with Malaysia). We went to a few places out of the town centre of Phattalung. Spent the early morning roaming around and checking out the different places at our own pace since we are in no rush.

Lampan Floating Market

he Lampam Floating market if it is located at the water's edge is much more an on land market than a floating one but it remains a nice place to stroll, do some shopping and eat. It is held on Saturday

This area is still under construction at the time of visit.

Thale Noi Waterfowl Park

Though being declared a non-hunting area on 18 February 1975, it is commonly called Thale Noi Waterfowl Park. This is the first nonhunting area ever founded in Thailand. Thale Noi Lake is around 5 kilometres wide and 6 kilometres long, having aquatic plants growing on the lake surface, such as hyacinth, Kong tree (Hanguana malayana), pale yellow-spiked rush, lotus, and floating plants. Its average depth is 1.25 metres. Fauna inhabiting here comprises 287 species of waterfowls, 26 species of reptiles, and 6 species of mammals. The waterfowls are both resident and migratory, such as painted stork, black-headed ibis, grey heron, purple heron, little cormorant, black-crowned night-heron, etc. Interesting things at the Thale Noi Waterfowl Park are the Thale Noi Palace, sea of blooming lotus in the morning, flocks of waterfowls, the nesting and egg-laying grounds of waterfowls at Ao Mo and those at Khuan Thale Mong, Khuan Khi Sian Ranger Station, and the Sala Nang Riam viewpoint

Baan Rim Lay Sri Phakphra

Located in Phatthalung....Experience the slow life and stop by to experience local lifestyle at Pakpra Canal at Ban Rimlay Pakpra, a fishing vilage.

Chaloem Phrakiat Anniversary Bridge

It is approximately 5.5 kilometers long. It is the longest bridge in Thailand, crossing the lake connecting the route between Khuan Khanun district, Phatthalung province and Ranot district, Songkhla province.

Bridge of Happiness: The Bridge of 80th Anniversary Commemoration of December 5, B.E. 2550, Kuankanun District, Phatthalung. This bridge was built to celebrate the King's 80th Birthday. Take the photos of the breathtaking views around Talay Noi and water buffaloes that enjoy being in water. This road also gives the feeling of passing over a wide sea in the rainy season.

From Phattalung town we headed for our projected destination for tonight in Surat Thani. We just planned to stay the night in Surat Thani and move on early tomorrow hoping to hit Kanchanaburi.

It is a simple resort that we stay for tonight right beside the river. The hotel had some river cruises or rental of boats available for guest. For me it is just a rest for the day to refresh for tomorrow journey. For those who do not know, you are able to negotiate or ask for discounts on listed price for hote at the reception. Normally I would tell them that I am on a journey exploring Thailand and I just need a room to sleep and will be out early tomorrow morning.

We had covered about 1250km in total distance for the first day of our ride. Generally we had great weather, fast clearance on both imiigration checkpoint for both Malaysia and Thailand and enjoyed a little sightseeing around Phattalung.

Dinner (breaking of fast) was a simple meal of Thai tomyam soup and rice. Then it straight to the room to rest and prepare for the next day.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 2

Surat Thani - Kanchanaburi


Spent the day riding up north towards the Province of Kanchanaburi. The aim was to reach there before sunset and we hope to be able to visit some of the places of interest along the way.

Day 2 Ride Plan

In total we spent 11 hours on the road today from Surat Thani to Kanchanaburi. Braved through intermittent heavy downpour to get to Kanchanaburi.

Due to fasting, broke up the journey with more rest stops. we took some time to rest at petrol stations to get some respite from the weather be it hot and scorchy or rainy like mad.

Along the way we did visit a few interesting places for photo opportunity where ever possible and some places that did not require us to detour too far away from the main route.

The main objective of the ride for today is mostly to cover the distance and being able to get in Kanchanaburi before it gets dark.

We arrived in Kanchanaburi just before sunset covering about 650km in distance today over 11 hours.

1000 Sook Farm

1000 Sook Food and Farm is an American style farm near Hua Hin. Sook meaning “happiness” in Thai, the farm is a fun place to take photos, feed the animals and have lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Children will have a good time feeding and petting the animals or playing games at the Game Carnival.

Western Cowboy Town

A simple cafe and eatery along the highway 4 in Phetchaburi province.

Styled in American Cowboy decorations.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetary

The immaculately maintained cemetery contains the remains of 6,982 Allied POWs who perished during the construction of the ‘Death Railway’. Its tranquility reminds the visitors of the war and its after-effects.

Visit Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (Don Rak), located on Saeng Chu To Road (Highway 323), to pay respect to the remains of 6,982 Allied prisoners of the World War II who died during the construction of the Death Railway.

War Museum Kanchanaburi

The war museum is closed by the time we arrived at the location. We just missed the closing time to enter the halls to view the war relics.

The name JEATH is derived from countries engaged in the WWII death railway construction from 1942 to 1945: Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland. And as the name suggests, this small museum displays photographs and illustrations narrating the living condition of prisoners of war (POWs) during that cruel time, some of which were donated by former POWs who survived. The museum building itself was also turned from the detention hut, used during that period.

Bridge Over River Kwai

This steel bridge is one of important historical landmarks and memorials in Thailand. It is almost a symbol of the province and is a recommended place in Kanchanaburi travel guide. The history of the bridge is well known, as it was part of the railway lines in World War II and had seen its share of conflict and bloodshed. After World War II, the damaged bridge was renovated by the Thai government in 1946.

Sunset over River Kwai

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 3

Daytrip to Sangkhlaburi

Distance 560km

Visited 5 places of interest today enroute to the province of Sangkhlaburi and back. This central-western province of Thailand has manuy more beautiful places to visit and many more places laden with historical stories. There are many more waterfalls, temples and other small theme farms/coffee stops along the way. Weather was generally good, intermittent rain throughout the journey. But luckily at each places that i stop, it was not raining.

Three Pagoda Pass

The Three Pagodas Pass (Dan Chadi Sam Ong) has been a border channel connecting Thailand and Burma for centuries, either in term of battles and wars in the past or trades and friendly relationships nowadays. Located 240 kilometers from city center or 22 kilometers from Sangkhla Buri, the three lining pagodas are memorials to the Siam-Burmese battle during the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767).There are still remnants of the Sino Japan- Burma rail left behind.

Mon Bridge, Sangkhlaburi

The Saphan Mony (in Thai) is a wooden bridge built by the Mon that connects the Thai side of the city to Wangkha, the Mon Part. With 400 meters, it is the longest bridge of its kind.

Hellfire Pass, Kanchanaburi

Hellfire Pass is the name of a railway cutting on the former Burma Railway in Thailand which was built with forced labour during the Second World War, in part by Allied prisoners of war. Prisoners who died in the building process were buried on site.

Srinakirin Dam & Erawan Waterfall

Located in the Tenasserim Hills in Kanchanaburi Province, some 200 km northwest of Bangkok, Erawan has seven separate tiers and is part of a national park of the same name. Besides the waterfall, the park hosts a handful of limestone caves offering plenty of exploration opportunities to visitors.

The Srinakirin Dam is also locates within the national park. Srinakarin Dam, named after the Princess Mother, has an impressive hydro-electric power plant which sits on the River Kwai Yaï in the North-East part of the Kanchanaburi province . The lake created by the Dam is quite scenic and very popular among tourists from all over the world. It is also an excellent spot for fishing as well as a unique place to relax with exhilarating surrounding mountains.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 4

Kanchanaburi - Ranong - huket


Today will be a long long ride downsouth...hoping to be able to reach Phuket by nightfall. We shall be detouriong towards Ranong by following Route 4 all the way down from Hua Hin to Phuket via Ranong. There are a few places that we will do short visit along the way. They are mostly found along the road so it would be easy to make short stops for photo taking.

The list ofd Places of interest along the way:

- Statues in the sea Cha Am

- Stone Inscription by Chulalongkorn, Ranong

- Golden Rock replica, Ranong

- Scwendagon pagoda replica, Ranong

- Isthmus of Kra, Kra Buri

- Raksawarin Hot spring, Ranong

- Ranong Canyon, Ranong

- Green Field, Ranong (passed by)

- Takua Pa Muslim Village

- Tsunami memorial, Khao Lak

- Sarasin Bridge, Phuket (drove through because it was raining)

Isthmus of Kra

The Kra Isthmus is the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula, in southern Thailand and Myanmar

Isthmus of Kra, Thai Khokhok Kra, narrow neck of southern Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, connecting the Malay Peninsula to the Asian mainland. The isthmus lies between the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the west. It is 25–30 miles (40–48 km) wide at its narrowest point, between Chumphon and Kra Buri (both in Thailand). Kra Buri, for which it was named, is at the head of the Pakchan River estuary, an inlet of the Andaman Sea.

Since the late 19th century the Isthmus of Kra has frequently been proposed for canalization, with the aim of decreasing travel and shipping time between Europe and East Asia by eliminating the voyage around Singapore. There is a road from Chumphon to Kra Buri and Phuket, and in 1942 the Japanese built a railway (later dismantled) over part of this route.

Was riding by the highway 4 towards Ranong and I was pinged by an interesting point of interest. It was actually a temple that was designed as a replica of the Scwendagon Pagoda of Myanmar as well as another display that looks like the Golden Rock of Myanmar. It does not come as a suerprise as we are just across the river to Myanmar. I am sure there are many Myanmar nationals who lives around the border areas.

Punyaban Waterfall

Namtok Punyaban, formerly known as Namtok Settakuat, is a 20-metre high waterfall. A nature trek of approximately 300 meters is provided for visitors to relax among the freshness of the tropical forest.

Ranong Canyon

Ranong Canyon is located near Ban Thung Kha, Tambon Hat Som Paen, Ranong Canyon is one of the most suitable places for relaxing. It is surrounded by fascinating mountains and white stones.

Slip and Slide.....made my way up to Ranong Canyon in the pouring rain. Quite like a mini MHS experience or even Pang Oun lake. Slippery when wet. The Ducati Traction Control works wonders and never fail to deliver. The bike has superb handling sitting or standing. The power band is great for speed and overtaking. The chain drive really gives you the pull at a twist of the trottle.

Raksawarin Hotspring

The Raksawarin Ranong Hot Springs are a bit on the outskirts of Ranong city. These natural hot springs have been a popular tourist destination since King Rama V visited Ranong in 1890. There are three sources of hot water in the same area. Water comes out at 65 °C. This is the purest natural source of hot water in Thailand as there is no sulphur contaminated at all which allow visit

Was raining the whole way from Ranong to Takua Pa.

Guess winter came early in Thailand. Route 4 between Ranong and Trang is always a pleasure to ride with its curves and hills and the sea. Plenty of road works along Ranong and PhangNga stretch.

Takua Pa

Part of the old Langkasuka Malay Penisula,

Takua Pa has more than its fair share of historical and architectural splendour. Here you will find a charming Chinese quarter, old shophouses, a Buddhist temple, a ruined city wall and traces of the town’s tin mining legacy. Sri Takua Pa, the main street, has pastel Peranakan shophouses lining both sides as it winds its way to the marketplace. And Muang Takua Pa Municipal Food Market is well worth a stop! Visitors will find themselves drooling over such local delicacies as nutty fish-egg pancakes, chewy balls of “miang lao” and sweet red bean crepes.

Found a Bazaar Ramadhan along the route to Phuket. There are many Thai muslims residing in the area of Takua Pa as it used to be one of the trading area along the sea route of merchants and many people from the malay archipelago has decided to settle in Takua Pa during in=ts golden ages. I am able to purchase a meal to break my fast for tonight.

Stone Inscription by Chulalongkorn

Among other things that Chulalongkorn got his hands on, he also inscribed his initials on this rock.

Tsunami Memorial Khao Lak

In commemoration of those who have lost their lives during the Tsunami of 2004 in Khao Lak District.

On the morning of the 26th of December 2004, the seafloor shook and rumbled off the west coast of Sumatra. Within 100 seconds, an enormous rupture in the earth crust appeared 30 km below the seabed. Measuring 400 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide, it is the largest rupture ever recorded and was just one of the symptoms of the 9.1 magnitude mega-thrust earthquake that thoroughly devastated the region. When all was said and done, the 2004 tsunami was the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded, and it left the coastlines of 14 Indian Ocean countries devastated. It claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives, as waves up to 30 meters high hit beaches around the Ocean basin. The hardest hit countries were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Safely arrived in Phuket by nightfall...just after dark we crossed the Sarasin bridge. We had decided not to stop as the lighting is not good for photo taking as well as it was still raining. It has been raining the moment we entered Ranong Province and all the way down to Phuket. This is not something new as during this period the southwest monsoon is hitting Thailand making it rain on its western coast that is beside the water body of the STraits of Malacca. Ranong is also the wettest region in Thailand.

For today we had covered a distance of 900km in good time and we were able to visit a few places of interest along the way and safely arrived in Phuket just at sunset (in time to break fast).

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 5

Chilling out in Phuket

Today we are taking a one day break from riding so we are spending the time in Phuket just chilling out around the area. As usual whenever I am in Phuket I will visit some of my favourite sights on the island. Also for this trip I am checking out this hotel which I will be housing my family when we travel to Phuket in a week's time (yes, I will be back in Phuket again within the same month)

If there are limited time you have to spend in phuket...here are some suggestions on what you should do. Listes not in any order of merit.

- Island Hopping

- Visting the different beaches

- sunset at Phrom Thep Cape.

- Enjoy the view at Windmill point

- perhaps some adrenaline adventures like ATV, zipline or water sports.

Phuket can be really busy during the high season with prices high and sellers non negotiating the prices of goods. Otherwise during the off peak season.. phuket can be somewhat calming and relaxing.

Will see you again Phuket.... real soon.

Lunch Date with Goran

Goran, another avid rider cum traveller who is residing in Phuket. We had been friends for along time sharing stories and experience of our travels within and out of Thailand. Met him up for lunch to chat over some food and to see how is he doing.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 6


Phuket - Hatyai

Decided to leave Thailand early today so instead of spending another day opr 2 in Phuket, we will be heading down to Hatyai from Phuket today covering a distance of 450km. This is due to the invitation to attend an "Iftar" (mass breaking fast session) with Desmo Owners Club Malaysia (DOCM) which will be held in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Therefore I had made the decision to cut shortthe Thailand journey and spend some time with friends in Malaysia instead. I told them I will be there within 2 days hopefully and should be in time for the event.

We left the hotel after lunch and we hit nightfall just 200km away from Hatyai town. We persevered and push on to hit Hatyai by tonight. There was no reason to leave early so we spent the early morning resting at the hotel and only checked out at 2pm. That leaves us with 4hours before night. We hit the corners of Trang just after dark and then onwards to Hatyai.

Arrived at the hotel that I always stay in Hatyai by night 9pm. The hotyel may be old but it is smack in the middle of downtown where food and shopping is very accessible meaning we just need to walk down and the nightmarket and food stalls & restaurants are all around you.

Having made that 450km journey today, it means that tomorrow we shall be able to enter Malaysia.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 7

Hatyai - Kuala Lumpur


We headed down freom Hatyai early morning and hope to get into Kuala Lumpur by noon. I had pre booked my regular hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Concorde KL, whenever I ride a bike into KL. I find that the hotel provided secured parking for bikes (KL can be known for high numbers of bike theft) as well as very biker friendly. It also has Hard Rock Cafe KL at its basement.

The journey down was uneventful and we managed to arrive in KL as pewr planned.

Getting a room upgrade

As usual, I will get a free room upgrade by the hotel. Sadly the junior suite is not available for this stay (which they would always give me)

Planned to meet up with a few friends in KL tonight, both from Singapore who had made the way up for the Iftar session as well from KL who will be hosting us.

Concorde hotel also is well known for their all night long Sahur buffet. You can start your sahur buffet after 10pm and all the way till 5am. And that is exactly what we did, we spent the night chjatting and eating at the hotel restaurant.

We shall then sleep in for the day before heading out for the Iftar get together later on thenext day.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 8

Kuala Lumpur

Slept in today and woke up early afternoon and prepared for the ride in Kuala Lumpur to our Iftar session with the rest of Desmo Owners Club Malaysia in Putrajaya. My bike has to be the dirtiest bike in Concorde hotel when I took a look at it at the carpark before moving off...hahaha.

IFTAR with DOCM 2018

Closing the chapter on this ride with a get together with the Malaysian Desmo Owners Club.

Iftar (Breaking of Fast) with Ducati riders from Malaysia. Thank you all for the invitation and friendship.

Exploring Kanchanaburi & Sangkhlaburi Ride 2018

Ride Musafir di Ramadhan

Day 9

Kuala Lumpur - Singapore


Heading back to the Lion City (Singapore) today after a short trip up north to Thailand and then stopping by in Kuala Lumpur on the way back. It was meant to be a short unplanned trip when we first started and plans just changed along the way. Glad that we are able to complete the ride although it was during the fasting month and abstaining from drinks and food especially during the day can be really hard when you are on the move in all weather condition.

Therefore our ride comes to a close.

Surat Thani - Kanchanaburi- Sangkhlaburi- Phetchaburi - Ranong- Phuket - Hatyai - Kuala Lumpur

A total of 5050 km on the road have been completed on this ride.


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