Riding Khao Sok Sept 2016

Riding Khao Sok Sept 2016

This is the first ride that I brought my younger brother with me. He had bought a BMW R1200GS and had wanted to try overlanding on bikes. For a start i would suggest the loop Singapore - Krabi_Khao Sok - Hatyai and back to Singapore. It is a short loop but good enough for newcomers to try out if they woud like adventure touring. A little bit of the distance, the beach, the hills and towns. A good chance to experience a short overland trip. Since this ride was opened to others to join, Bob Norazman decided to tag along since he was free for the week.

Adverts looking for interested participants

My call to others who might be interested for the trip. Normally I would show photos of things that they could expect to see and experience. Also I made it clear that we shall be riding no frills...simple hotels, simple meals...ohh and yes a glamping/camping experience to go as well. Participants also have to understand that I have not been to most of these places as well so I am as clueless as they are in what we may find at these destinations.

Riding Khao Sok 2016

Day 1

Singapore - Krabi


Left Singapore immediately after Teachers Day dinner. Beautiful cool weather to ride thru the night. Arrived at Sadao Boundary post at 9am.

Cleared checkpoint and headed towards Krabi.

With the lack of sleep or no sleep for the past 25 hour... decided not to push too far. So we chose to stop in Krabi. This is just a one night stopover for our journey. Hope to catch up on some sleep and be ready for the journey the next day.

Just 3 bikes..myself, Capt Bob and my bro Azri Mohamed. His first bike trip up north.

Riding Khao Sok

Day 2

Krabi - Khao Lak - Khao Sok

Sunset today at Khao Sok National Park.

Enjoying the view from our camp perched on the hillside. Its more of a glamping (glamorous camping) with good amenities.

No tv no distraction. Just the sound of insects and nature. A little offroad trail to get to this place with a steep incline towards the resort.

Along the way up we got through a mini Mae Hong Son to get up to the viewpoint of Phang Nga. Nice curvy roads that lead up to the peak.

From there we visited the Tsunami museum at Khao Lak. Khao lak boast beautiful beaches that lined stretch. A little upmarket this place as most of the resorts are 5 stars hotel. There are some hostel that you can find around the area.

Headed straight to the camp just before dusk. An elephant came out of nowhere and crossed the road right in front of Bob Norazman as he was cornering. Well route 401 cuts through Khao Sok and Phang Nga.... its a nature reserve what do you expect.

Phang Nga Viewpoint

N 08.53429

E 098.55869

Enroute to Khao Sok.

Many limestone Karst jutting out welcoming us along the sides of Route 4 as we made our way from Krabi stopping by in Khao Lak and then to Khao Sok later on for the day end

Tsunami Memorial Museum @ Khao Lak

Khao Lak was hit by the tsunami in 2004 and has since bounced back stupendously. Go take a day trip to the museum to see how bad things were before people decided to take things into their own hands and make them better. This memorial is a rememberance for those who have lost their lives during the 2004 Tsunami and a show of strength on how Khao Lak has bounced back 10 years after.

Khao Sok Boutique Camp

Riding Khao Sok 2016

Day 3

Around Khao Sok

Rainy morning in Khao Sok. Unable to see the sea of fog at our footsteps of our tent. But it was soooo cozy in our tent. We hope to be able to see the whole area engulf by clouds tomorrow morning. We are going to spend our day venturing around the mountain of Khao Sok and checkingout the Ratchaprabpha dam in Surat Thani. We have found out there you may also stay on chalets in the lake formed by the dam but be prepared to pay some serious money for the experience.

Ratchprapa Dam, Surat Thani


E098. 81014

Plans had to be reshuffled because of rainy morning. So rode to Ratchaprapa Dam. We rode part of it through plantation roads enroute to Ratchaprapha...potholes, gravel , soil. We joined up to the newly refurbished road just before the park entrance.

From Ratchaprapha Dam we headed to Khao Sok National Park. Had some photo taking around the area.

Then we headed back to the hotel and took a dip in the pool. The view from the pool was beautiful with the rock formations.

Back at the camping grounds...

Riding Khao Sok 2016

Day 4

Khao Sok - Hatyai


No more Amazon.....now we drink coffee at Cowboy Town. On the way back towards Hatyai, we stopped by Route 41 cowboy town. Very nicely done up theme cafe. Spoke to the owner who mentioned that he intend to open up a motel here for bikers as a stopover hangout.

From here we headed to Hatyai.

Route 41 Cowboy Town.

N 07.889560

E 99.928847

Riding Khao Sok 2016

Day 5

Hatyai - Singapore


Ended the trip with a long ride (880km) back home from Hatyai to Singapore. It was a good trip for all of us..simple yet refreshing. My brother who was on his first trip also enjoyed the experience an will look forward for more as long as he has his adventure bike.