DMCS Mural Ride Oct 2021

DMCS Mural Ride Oct 2021

Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) organize its first Mural Ride. It was a ride through the heritage areas in Singapore and at the same time appreciating some of the artwork made by our local artists. Wall art There's more to this city than meets the eye. In between our shiny skyscrapers and towering metal cranes, there are plenty of Insta-worthy urban artworks that simply take our breath away. From the graffiti that’s hidden in plain sight to pieces that lurk away in the backstreets.

Check out this post on some of the sites that we had visited during our ride...

Tokens for the ride

Thank you to the organising committee for invitation to the ride as well as providing a beautiful memorabilia for the Ride.

To find out more...

For those interested to find out where these murals are located, you may follow the following blogpost by others who have blog extensively about the collections of street arts in Singapore. These were some of our references that we used in planning our rides. We only intended to cover a few of the places that are accessible for vehicles...but if you are taking a stroll, it would be accessible on foot for all.