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Our Belief when its comes to joining clubs...

At Red baron Diaries, we are not limited to a single club. We believe in mixing around and getting to know the biking communities be it local or in the region. That has always been my motive in this biking community... to build on the spirit of friendship, comradery and building on knowledge shared by others. We are free to mix around and involve ourselves in different clubs or activities organised by the different organisation so as to enable us to benefit from the enjoyment of riding our bikes as well as knowing more people in the community.

One does not ride a particular brand of bikes throughout their whole life or stick to the same group of friends so why not be friendly with everyone and we can enjoy the biking scene local and overseas as well together.

Why we ride?

The drive is our passion for two wheels, the passion for adventure and the Comradery and friendship forged over time on two wheels. Check out our introductory video at one of the sharing I had done with Ducati Singapore.

That being so we are also attracted to one or two particular clubs at any particular time of our life and we do move on from time to time either because we change our bikes (to a different genre or brand) or because we have new interest (touring, track, charity or just for coffee).

I used to be involved within the model specific group (eg. Super4 or Fazer) and then went on to be involve in brand specific clubs (eg. BMW). At this particular point of time, I am quite involve in the Ducati scene for the simple reason that I am riding a Ducati now.

My Scene On Wheels (as of now)

This are the few clubs that I am involved in now (official member).


Ducati Motor Club Singapore


Desmo Owner Club Singapore


Desmo Owner Club Malaysia

And some of the interest groups that I am in:



Multistrada Owners Group

Panigales Owners Singapore

Upcoming events

DMCS MiniGP Night

01 November Edition of the Kayo bikes MiniGP Nights organised by SBR Trackdays.

Catch our posts on this event soon.

Covid has struck the world and has taken a toll on most of us. many events has to be put on hold due to goverment restrictions and borders are closed for travel.. We do hope to resume our normal activities soon.

So be sure to look out for upcoming activities ahead that Red Baron Diaries will be part of.

Recent Past Events

Below are some snippet photo of our most recents events that we have been part of. Photos will be updated regularly to showcase what we have been up to recently.


Having a cold turkey from riding the tracks of Sepang??

Join us for our mini trackdays organised by SBR Trackdays

DMCS Mural Ride

Exploring the heritage trails for traces of creativity by our local artists.

DucSBK Panigale NIght Out

A night out with DucSBK65 for all Ducati Superbikes

National Day SG56 Ride

A small night ride to commemorate Singapore 56th Birthday

Our Participation of club Events in videos & Photos (by Red Baron Diaries)

The following are some videos of our rides/activities with the different clubs or events organised by the different organisation both local and overseas.. Do watch and hope you enjoy them such that you may wish to join us for future events. Scroll down to watch the video clips of the events or read the write up for the events. (click on the link when they are available)

YEAR 2022

MOTOGP Sepang 2022

Ducati Motor Club Singapore rides up to Sepang for the MotoGP race. It has been a long wait since Covid struck and it is great to have MotoGP back in the calendar.

DMCS Breakfast Ride Aug 2022

Spent the Saturday in August for a ride in Malaysia in the state of Johore. The Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) had organised a ride in collaboration with some of its neighbour, the Southern Desmo CLub of Johor. Many Ducati owners had gathered for this ride. It has been one of the few overseas ride that has been organised since Covid pandemic and we hope to have more of this in future.

We Ride As One May 2022

Ducati’s “We Ride As One” event will bring Ducati fans and riders to their respective local dealers to celebrate the brand on 7 May, and participate in a parade through the streets of the city of each dealer.

YEAR 2021

DMCS Deepavali Ride Oct 2021

Deepavali, the festival of lights, the celebration of triumph of good over evil, is celebrated by Hindus all over the world on 4 November for the year 2021. Little India is beautifully decorated with colourful bright neon lights, lighting up the streets of Serangoon Road. We from Ducati Motor Club Singapore join in to celebrate this festival by hosting a simple Indian cuisine dinner for members as well as a club ride through Little India civic district to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the light up.

DMCS Mural Ride Oct 2021

Exploring the heritage trails for traces of creativity by our local artists.

We have picked a few of those art murals that are accessible for our motorbikes to have a photoshoot.


For all those adrenaline junkie... a simple solution to relieve your addiction to speed. Join us for our mini Gp nights organised by SBR Trackdays.

Collection of Membership Pack for 2021 (DOCM)

Membership pack for 2021 has finally been delivered from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This year AGM has been postponed due to Covid and we can finally collect our membership packs.

DMCS National Day Ride 2021

SIngapore's National Day 2021 celebrating its 56th birthday was a special affair. It has been two years since Singapore is under various Covid restrictions during this trying time. We took the time to ride our bikes in celebration of the nation's birthday while maintaining and keeping to the SOPs as much as possible. A simple but memorable event.

DMCS National Day Ride 2021

Aug 2021 - Celebrating 56th National Day amid Covid Pandemic

DMCS Breakfast Ride Jan 2021

No videos recorded for this event (see photos attached)

Event was held during the Covid pandemic. We joined the club at the breakfast venue (all requirement for Phase 2 was followed).

The club went on for a ride.

Click on the link to view photos of our ride

Breakfast Ride Jan 2021

YEAR 2020

DOCS Waterway Cleanup - Dec 2020

Ducati Motor Club Singapore lent our support for this event that is organised by Desmo Owners Club Singapore. In this edition, a waterway cleanup along the Kallang river was organised. DMCS brought along their family members as the sign up was open to all riders and family. Some had their spouse and kids canoeing together carrying out such meaningful activity on a Sunday morning. everyone had fun as they managed to enjoy the view from the middle of the river as the paddle down towards the marina barrage. Everyone was in high spirits throughout the day and ended the day on a high.

DOCS Waterway Cleanup Dec 2020

Dec 2020 - Waterway Cleanup organised by DOCS

DMCS Breakfast Ride - Oct 2020

DMCS Breakfast ride used to be a norm before COVID hits the country. This breakfast ride organised by Red Baron Diaries for the club. As usual it is always a ride with a twist. We met up at East Coast and took a ride through the Marina Bay area before heading down to Labrador park. At Labrador Park, the group had a group tour guided by Red Baron on the history and significance of the place. We were brought around the park visiting old battle sites dating during the World War II as well as structures (reconstructed) that welcome traders to Singapore shores during the early settlement years.

The ride continues to a farm in the western of Singapore where we had kampong style breakfast. Everyone had time to mingle around and interact with one another during the breakfast sit-down. The event ended around 11am and participants were free to carry on with their own activities. An optional visit to Sungei Buloh Park was in store for those interested.

Video - DMCS Breakfast Ride

Oct 2020 - Singapore

Multistrada Club (Malaysia) 1st AGM 2020

We were invited to join Multistrada Club Malaysia (MSC) for their 1st Annual General Meeting taking place in Melaka in 2020. We made our way up from Singapore to meet MSC in the event hotel in Melaka. Owners of Multistrada (members of MSC) from all over Malaysia were invited for this function. Although MSC does not have awing or have any members from Singapore, we were kindly invited for this event.

We started out with a daytrip to visit some places around Melaka before dropping by for the AGM. It was mainly a day trip only.


DOCM Presidential Ride is the first ride of the year to welcome to new committee upon taking up office. For 2018, the ride for taking place southbound from Kuala Lumpur to Johore. We had participated in the ride meeting the main DOCM convoy in Pagoh when they were coming down from KL. We rendezvous and rode together as one southwards to Johore. We had the privilege of being accompanied by the traffic police of Polis Diraja Malaysia who escorted the convoy safely and efficiently throughout the ride.

Prior to meeting up with the main convoy, the Singapore team, Ducati Motor Club Singapore, had our own excursion cum breakfast ride around the town of Pagoh. We had planned it such that we were able to ride out for breakfast early morning and then went to visit a site in Pagoh that was filled with miniature landmarks from all over the world.

So once we met up with the main convoy and started to head south, the main itinerary was to have a photoshoot at the new Johore Tigers football stadium and then head down to Pasir Gudang for a bike festival. Unfortunately the stadium visit did not take place due to some constraints but we head to Pasir Gudang nonetheless and joined the festivities at the bike festival. we were entertained with bike stunts as well as display by various motorcycle groups. From there we headed down to the hotel that was hosting the event, Hotel Mutiara Johor Bahru. A room had been allocated for Singapore club members to freshen up for those who chose not to spend the night.

Upon freshening up and rest, we headed down for tea with Johor Chief Minister, Dato Hasni Mohammad who is also a Ducati enthusiast and owns a ducati as well.Dinner was hosted by the committee and we went on to play games, karaoke singing and lucky draw. The Singapore contigent did win a few lucky draw prizes and also the best performance for the singing contest.

We left for Singapore late at night when the event came to an end. The next Presidential ride will take place in the north for the next term of office.

May we wish the committee all the success in helming the club forward. We at DMCS will always be willing to support.

Video - DOCM Presidential Ride

February 2020 - The state of Johore, Malaysia


No videos recorded for this event (see photos attached)

For 2020, the Annual General Meeting of Desmo Owners CLub Malaysia was held in Cyberjaya, Selangor , Malaysia. We had gathered in the early morning and made a ride up north to Putrajaya to rendezvous with the rest of the DOCM member chapters from all over Malaysia. From there we were escorted by Polis Diraja Malaysia (POLICE) to Cyberjaya where our event will be taking place. We were able to mingle with fellow participants and purchase merchandise that are on sale. Meeting up with long time friends is always on the agenda.

We spent the evening in Kuala Lumpur City Centre mainly searching around for good food. ON Day 2 we headed back to Cyberjaya to regroup with some of the participants who had stayed over at the event hotel. From there we rode down to Singapore. It was a simple 2D/1N affair.

Click on the link to view photos of our trip


YEAR 2019

Red Raya Ride 2019


The annual general meeting for Desmo Owners Club Malaysia takes place in Speang, Selangor, Malaysia for thhe 2019 edition. We had taken the opportunity to do a 2D1N trip up to Kuala Lumpur for the Singapore Team as part of the event. From Singapore we departed early in the morning of Saturday and made it straight to the link up point in Sepang. From the link up point, we rode down with the main convoy to Sepang International Circuit. We were welcome into the circuit arena by the organisers and staff of Sepang. A welcome lunch was in store for all participants and then the AGM took place.

At the end of the AGM we headed into Kuala Lumpur city centre for our short stay. Went around the town, had meals together and enjoyed the company of one another. The next afternoon we headed back to Singapore.

Video - DOCM Annual General Meeting '19

Feb 2019 - Sepang, Malaysia

YEAR 2018

Melaka Red Weekend 2018 - The Birth of DOCM (Singapore Chapter)

No videos recorded for this event (see photos attached)

What started as a general meetup between Singapore and Malaysian ducati riders ended up with friendship forged between the two nation as we open up an official Desmo Owners CLub Malaysia chapter in Singapore.

Click on the link to view photos of our trip

Melaka Red Weekend 2018

The start of DOCM(Singapore Chapter)

YEAR 2017

YEAR 2016

Other Events that was organised by Red Baron Diaries

"THE GATHERING - by Red Baron Dairies"

Red Baron Diaries do organised events that overlap with club rides as most of the times the rides organised by Red Baron Diaries are open to all friends or anyone who is interested to join in and enjoy the ride/activities together.

The rides and events are known as : "THE GATHERING"

Below are some excerpts of the events through videos.

A write-up and some photos of the events may be posted on a different link (at a later date)

THE GATHERING Activities 2021

THE GATHERING Activities 2020

THE GATHERING Activities 2019

THE GATHERING Activities 2018

THE GATHERING - MotoGP Sepang Red Weekend 2018

A short ride up to Kuala Lumpur for the yearly MOTGP races in Sepang. For this trip, we headed up (two bikes) ahead of the main group to do a day trip to the 3 hills of Selangor, Fraser, Bukit Tinggi and Genting all oin one morning before heading into Kuala Lumpur to join the main group. Joining up with the main group we headed to watch the GP races in Sepang. As usual the company was great and everyone wants to come back for more rides.

MotoGP Sepang Red Weekend '18

Oct 2018 - Selangor & Sepang, Malaysia

THE GATHERING - Samui Red Weekend 2018

This trip was organised as an introductory ride to most of the first timers who will be riding into the Land of Smiles. The destination was the island of Koh Samui which was about 1400km away. As this was the first time most of the participants are heading into Thailand, the trip was planned in such a way not to allow fatigue to set in for the riders. We had planned a 5D/4N trip with the first and last day in Hatyai about 800km away from Singapore. This will allow the new riders to get accustomed to travelling long distance, learn how to deal with the paperwork that needed to be done as well as get used to the Thailand road etiquette. Do watch the video to see all the interesting places the group had visited and how the new riders get accustomed to the ride.

Catch Our Samui trip in Videos.

The Gathering - Samui Red Weekend Part 1

Sep 2018 - Riding to Koh Samui, Thailand

The Gathering - Samui Red Weekend Part 2

Sep 2018 - Riding to Koh Samui, Thailand

The Gathering - Samui Red Weekend Part 3

Sep 2018 - Riding to Koh Samui, Thailand

THE GATHERING Activities 2017

THE GATHERING Activities 2016

THE GATHERING - Khao Sok 2016

This was an impromptu ride that was unplanned. The only thing we had in mind was to ride up and do a loop to Khao Sok National Park to experience a glamping setting in the mountains of Khao Sok. Only 3 bikes went for the trip, all BMWs. The group had a chill and laid back ride visiting the town of Krabi and Hatyai apart from Khao Sok.

The Gathering - Khao Sok 2016

THE GATHERING Activities 2015

The Gathering - Breakfast Ride Air Papan 2015

A simple breakfast ride to the town of Mersing in Johore.

Small group of friends enjoying the morning and country road riding together.

The Gathering - Desaru Seafood Ride

Check out for new updates

The Gathering - Seafood Ride

Check out for new updates