Enduro Park (Thailand) 2016

BMW Enduro Park Thailand 2016

Another long weekend break from work and this time we signed up for the BMW Enduro Park Thailand Offroad course. The course will span over two days Friday (Enduro Level 1) and Sunday (Enduro Level 2). We had signed up for both the level 1 and 2 of the BMW offroad school series. The arrangement was for everyone to meet or be in Thailand by Friday morning where we would head off for our offroad course at the BMW Thailand Offroad Academy. Some of us had flown in early on Thursday to enjoy the day in Bangkok while for me I flew i on the night flight on Thurday night as it was a working day for me.

Packing for the trip

A simple bag was packed for this 3 day 2 nights trip since most of the time will be spend on the classes at Enduro park Thailand. Both classes are whole day classes which means that I will be spending the whole of Friday and whole of Saturday at the Enduro Park. I will be flying back on Sunday afternoon the day after the course ended. That leaves me to plan a simple casual attire fro Friday night and Saturday night. Therefore packing was very simple and a duffle bag would suffice. I wore my enduro pants and hand carried my helmet in the plane.

Getting some dinner as I will be arriving late in Bangkok

Took the 10 pm flight from Singapore to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok Thailand. The flight took around 2 hours and I arrived in Bangkok at around 12 midnight. It took me another 1 hour to clear customs, get on a taxi in the middle of the night and get to my hotel.

I was the last person to arrived in Bangkok for our class (happening about 7 hours later). Upon checking in, I just had time to sort out my stuff and took a rest. I had dinner earlier so decided not to go out. Took the time to get some sleep and rest as I have not been asleep for the past 24 hours.

Enduro park and the company (friends) await us tomorrow.

Enduro Park Thailand 2016

Day 1

Woke up at around 6am after a brief 4 hours of rest and sleep. Went for breakfast and met up wit the guys. Some of them are staying at a hotel down the street. We decided to meet at my hotel since they had the time to recce the area the previous day and they klnew where I was staying.

Breakfast was a simple affair of fruits and toast.

The Enduro Park had a rranged a pick up for us via a minibus that would pick us from the hotel in Downtown Bangkok and to the Enduro Park in Bang Bon (roughly about an hour journey away). We arrived at the park and were greeted by the instructors and course manager. We had time to get to know each other and share our experience with regards to offroad riding. We had a change of attire, ready to get dirty and started our lessons. Lessons were mostly station based where we learn how to overcome and clear obstacles with proper technique and posture with the guidance of the instructors.

Everyone went out and pick out their bikes. Most of the bikes that we used was the BMW F800 GS. There were also the BMW 1200 GSA for choice as well. Next up is familiarising yourself with the bike and doing sopme warm up laps so that everyone understand their bikes better. Fropm there we moved on the the obstacles.

Our instructors attached to our class. For your info Charat Yatinun (right) has competed in the BAJA 500 offroad competition on many occasion

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Lessons ended at the end of the day and the minibus transport us back to our hotel. We spent the evening chilling out, having dinner and also massages to help out with our muscle strains from the course earlier. I had time to dye my hair and have a hair wash too. After that we headed straight to the hotel and had a good rest and ready for Day 2

View our compilations of the photos as you read further.

Enduro Park Thailand

Day 2

Day 2 happen like clockwork repeating the start of the day as the day before. No one decided to pull out from Level 2 of the course (despite all the ache from yesterday). But it would be worth to note that it would be good to have a rest day in between level 1 and level 2 if you can afford the time. Off we went to the park to carry on with our Level 2 course. We were welcomed by our instructors at the park and raring to go. Day 2 obstacles were more technical compared to Level 1 that we had done the day before. It requires much more focus and skill to clear the obstacles fully. We were guided by our instructors very well and everyone had managed to complete the Level 2 of the course by the end of the day.

Compilations of our Photos for Level 1 and Level 2

The Course Certificates

We were awarded the certificate of completion for attending the Enduro Level 1 and Level 2 course conducted by BMW Enduro Park Thailand.

That was the end of Level 2 Enduro course. Some of the guys were booked on a night flight back to Singapore tonight so they had to head straigh the the airport at the end of the course. From the enduro park they took a taxi straight toi the airport for their flight. For the rest of us, we had another night in Bangkok before we take our flight home tomorrow afternoon. Everyone had to plan their schedules around the dates of the course and taking into account their own commitments. So more or less the arrangement for each person was done individually... the only common factor was attending the course together.

Enduro Park Thailand

Day 3

Today is the day that we are leaving for Singapore. The flight was a early afternoon flight. Therefore we spent the morning lazing around as we enjoy our cuppa coffee and cakes.

Our hotel stay was a simple yet cozy hotel, Lemontea Hotel, situated in Soi 7 near Mah Bung Kong area. There are some halal eateries around the area and plenty of cafe along the main street.

Singapore Changi Airport

Arrived in Singapore in the early afternoon on Sunday (3pm). Spent the remaining time left for the long weekend with the family. At the same time I had scouted out the place/area that I will be staying in when I plan to bring the family in June this year. So the trip was also a recce trip for our family vacation happening in June 2016.

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