#WeRideAsOne- Ducati

7 May 2022

On 7 May, Ducati invites its fans to their local Ducati dealer for a “We Ride As One” event in the culmination of event leading up to the WDW2022 (World Ducati Week 2022).

Ducati’s “We Ride As One” event will bring Ducati fans and riders to their respective local dealers to celebrate the brand on 7 May, and participate in a parade through the streets of the city of each dealer.

The aforementioned parade, Ducati says, will be the “key moment” of the day, “which will see Ducati bikes ride through and colour in red the most evocative streets of the main cities around the world.”

The idea of the event is to build a sense of community around Ducati, and according to the manufacturer, the parade will be the most important part of the day in this aspect. Ducati says, “The parade will be a moment in which every Ducatista and passionate motorcyclist will have the opportunity to feel like a protagonist and part of a community that shares the same passion.”


7 May 2022

We started off the day by gathering at the Ducati Singapore showroom, 45 Leng Kee Road. Ducati is owned by Wearnes Automotive in Singapore and is one of their premium model of motorcycle that they represent. early morning showers did not dampen the spirits of the ducatistas who came despite the heavy downpour. Breakfast was provided and everyone had ample time to mingle and catch up with friends and make new friends. Talks over coffee and buns were made interesting by the number and varieties of bikes that turns up. Each Ducatista proud of their machine came fully geared and ready for the ride.

After the attendees have gathered, the organisers handed out the ride briefing covering the route as well as the safety of the ride that needs to be adhered to. The ride basically takes us through the main icons of Singapore, namely the Singapore Flyer, Marina Barrage and the Marina Bay Sands so technically this was to be a downtown ride. It was not easy to ride together as a group of 70 bikes throughout downtown. We were blessed that the weather cleared up and that we had light traffic in the morning. We pushed back the moving off timing by 30 minutes to cater for the rain to subside and it paid off. Beautiful skies greeted us as we zoom through downtown Singapore.

From the first photo opportunity area, we continued to ride across the longest bridge in Singapore, the Benjamin Sheares bridge which for a long time has been an icon of this nation state. Flanking the bridge are the world famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino and also the Singapore Flyer. In the distance the shimmering blue sea of the East Coast can be seen. Skyscrapers mainly hotels and offices lined up the sides as well.

Back at the showroom we were hosted with a simple brunch (breakfast-lunch) of nasi lemak and ice cream. Trust me the ice cream was a saviour in this hot tropical weather of Singapore. We continued bonding with other fellow Ducatistas over the meal. Everyone was having an enjoyable time mingling with the crowd who has passion and love for the brand.

Members of the Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) were represented during the event #WeRideAsOne

Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS)

We would like to send our words of appreciation to Wearnes Automotive as well as staff of Ducati Singapore for the warm hospitality and invitation to your events.

May your future events be a success !

  • - The Red Baron


Video of the #WeRideAsOne ride

The Singapore Version - by Red Baron Diaries