Ride the Andaman

Ride The Andaman 2019

Riding the Andaman is a short break or getaway during one of the long weekends public holidays of Singapore. For this break, we have chosen to spend the time along the Andaman coast of Thailand. The Andaman Sea is a marginal sea of the northeastern Indian Ocean bounded by the coastlines of Myanmar and Thailand along the Gulf of Martaban and west side of the Malay Peninsula, and separated from the Bay of Bengal to its west by the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands. As Highway 4 switches from the east flank of the Thailand peninsula to the Andaman coast it enters a markedly different country: nourished by rain nearly all the year round, the vegetation down here is lushly tropical, with forests reaching up to 80m in height, and massive rubber, palm-oil and coconut plantations replacing the rice and sugar-cane fields of central Thailand. Sheer limestone crags spike every horizon and the translucent Andaman Sea laps the most dazzlingly beautiful islands in the country, not to mention its finest coral reefs. This is of course the same sea whose terrifyingly powerful tsunami waves battered the coastline in December 2004, killing thousands and changing countless lives and communities forever. For this ride we shall be passing by some of the popular tourist destinations along the Andaman Coast...mainly the towns of Trang, Krabi & Phuket.

It is not just the physical beauty and activities that make the Andaman coast such a great traveling experience. The region still offers a chance to glimpse rural and small-city life in Thailand. While Phuket has attracted residents from all over the world as well as transplants from Bangkok and other parts of the country, and largely feels like a commercialized tourist destination, if you travel north to Phang Nga Province, you’ll find small fishing villages along the coast where fishing families can often be found clearing nets at the end of the day or setting out squid to dry in the sun. To the south, in Satun, you’ll find a largely Muslim population and a fascinating blend of Islam and Buddhism evidenced in the houses of worship and the dress of the local people.

The Andaman coast is also perfect for island-hopping, and the best way to do that is by boat. There are plenty of ferries, speedboats, and longtails to take you from island to island and beach to beach. You can fly into Phuket, spend a few days on one of the nearby beaches, then take a boat to Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, or one of the other numerous islands in Phang Nga Bay, or hit 3-4 islands in one trip; there are hundreds of islands in the region to choose from. Some, such as Phi Phi, are arguably overpopulated with travelers and resorts. But there are still some beautiful islands you can stay on that feel less exploited by tourism and kinder to the natural surroundings.

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Our Trip Logs and Photos

Ride The Andaman 2019

Day 1

Singapore - Sadao


This trip takes place on the first weekend of the school's March holidays. We had decided to leave for the trip directly from school once the bell rings at 1pm. From Singapore we shall be riding with Bashir (riding a KTM 1290 Adventure) and Amry (riding a BMW GSA 1200). Some of you might have read Bashir's first trip up north with me. He was riding a Honda CBR600 sportbike up to Koh Samui. I guess the touring bug bit him and he immediately had gotten himself an adventure bike when we came home... a few month later, he is ready to enjoy the comfort of overland travel on his adventure bike for this trip. So we departed Singapore and planned to meet up at Gelang Patah Rest Area at 2pm where we will depart for the Thailand border. We hope to make it past the border tonight and rest just after the border. This would enable us to make a short ride for the next day when we push to the Andaman Coast. There is no exact plans other than we shall be in Phuket for 3 days and 2 nights.

A glimpse of the sunset as we past Gunung Tempurung in Ipoh, Perak during sunset.

Managed to get through the border by 9pm (before it closes at 11pm). It took us about 7 hours to get through the North South Malaysian Highway through the entire spine of Malaysia. With ample rest and rest stops, everyone had a manageable ride and Bashir definitely enjoyed this ride more than his previous. Tearing the highway in the comfort of the KTM 1200 Adventure is certainly a different experience for him where power, speed and comfort all come into one.

Ride The Andaman 2019

Day 2

Sadao - Trang - Krabi - Phuket


For day 2, we shall be heading to Phuket, our destination for this getaway where we shall be spending 3 days and 2 nights chilling out at the beach destination, one of the Jewels of the Andaman. Meeting us there will be another two friends who have started their journey early in the morning as we planned to meet at the designated hotel by tonight.

For us since we are already in Thailand we shall do sopme sightseeing in the province of Trang enroute to Phuket. We shall be visiting historical places as well as landmarks that are special to the area. It will a first time for me to roam around Trang and hope for it to be an eye opener. I am lucky to have fellow riders, Bashir and Amry with me who are alright to indulge me in my exploration during the trip. For me a trip is only meaningful if you learn more about the places, its history and geography and also get to meet with its people. That way you get to learn more on your journey.

Extra Company

For the second day we have friends who will be joining us at our destination in Phuket. We had planned to meet Jim and Shennon in Phuket. We figured that we would be able to reach around the same timing as they had left early in the morning and should be in Phuket by nightfall. Although we are already in Thailand, we should be in Phuket by nightfall as well since we had planned to do some sightseeing in Trang Province enroute to Phuket.

The Andaman Gateway

After the corners in the hills of Trang on Route 4, we arrived at this Gateway to Andaman monument (park) signalling that we have entered the province of Trang, one of the province on the Andaman Ocean. A brief writeup on the importance of Trang as part of the Andaman region.

Trang is ancient communities on south. The assumption that Trang is home to the city's commercial center along the west coast, city name: Takola but someone said Takola are the city located on Takaupa in Phang Nga province. There was the archaeological evidence from the CLAUDIUS PTOLE, the western nations on the geography of the book written since 693 or 708 AD, according to a statement of the merchants name Alexander described of the towns on the peninsula of gold which included Takola in the land name: Chryse Chersonesos or Asia continent. In Scripture, MillinThapanha (fermentation problems) on 500 AD had name Takola Suvarnabhumi. Professor Manit Wanlipodom who is of the opinion that Takola is in Trang by referred to Doctor H.G. Kaulitz Wells surveys the Takaupa city nowadays and the way across the peninsula through Khao Sok said that “it’s suitable as a cargo port city across the peninsula” Professor Manit also agreed that Takola based in Trang.”Age of 1 has located above and along Pina Moutain on East river at Kapang canal, Huhnan village, that was the first settled of Trang City with name: KrungThani, However, they became to Rubber plantation in present day, Doctor Prasert Witthayarat, geographer, one of Native ruler said the geographic area on maritime monsoon, trip from Langka or south or India to Suvarnabhumi, when set the ship rudder sailed straight up, influence of the southwest monsoon brings the ship into the shore at 7 degrees north latitude which are Trang City.

Local bikers on Harleys wanting to take a photo with us


Favourite rest stops for most bikers along the way will be CAFE AMAZON mostly found in all PTT petrol stations.

They serve reasonable good coffee (iced, blended or hot) and some biscuits, cakes or tit bits that are ideal to line the stomach on our journey. Ample sitting indoor and outdoor. Bikes can be parked right in front of you.

Tamnak Chan Fort

Situated atop the hill of Tamnak Chan is a fortress that has been built in the early years to deter and prevent foreign attacks from the Andaman Sea. Trang used to be a port involved in foreign trade. It was the first city where rubber was planted. Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi brought rubber from Malaysia and planted it here before anywhere else in southern Thailand in 1899. Rubber is now considered an important commodity of Thailand. Trang is a coastal province on the Indian Ocean with a long western coastline of about 199 kilometers. The province consists of an archipelago in the Andaman Sea with over 46 islands. A fort was built overlooking the town of Kantang with a 360 degrees view to keep a lookout on the area.

Now the area has been converted into a public park with the military installations open up for visits.

The First Rubber Tree in Thailand

The rubber tree, which is located along a road to Kantang district, now represents the first group of rubber trees Phraya Ratsadanupradit planted in Thailand to pioneer Thailand’s rubber tree plantation. And rubber has later become Thailand’s major exporting product.

Phuket Gateway

We arrived in Phuket at sunset. managed to cover the distance in prettu good time with all the visits and exploration that we have done. From the Sarasin Bridge linking the mainland to the island of Phuket, we have to cross the Phuket Gateway, a mini checkpoint for people entering and exiting Phuket.

Arrived at our hotel and got message from Jim and Shennon that they will be reaching Phuket Late night due to some delays.

Anyway Phuket was very quiet tonight with many shops closed and less people out in the streets. This was because Phuket was under curfew due to the voting period. Thailand has always had very strong demonstrations during their voting period with many supporters of the different parties in contest always showing their support through street demonstration. At times these demonstration can turn violent.

So we shall roam the empty streets and meet the two tomorrow morning.

Ride The Andaman 2019

Day 3


Woke up early morning to make sure that both Jim and Shennon have safely arrived and checked into the hotel where we are staying. Went down and found their bikes parked in one corner of the carpark. We went for breakfast where everyone came together and met each other. For today we are planning a trip roaming around Phuket on our bikes.

Premium Outlet Phuket

Went to the Premium Outlet to check out what is on sale. Not many places are open due to the Thailand Election...hence we just spend our time lazing around and chilling in Patong.

Ao Tho Li Viewpoint

Ao Tho Li Viewpoint is situated on the edge of Phang Nga Bay in Southern Thailand. While there are 155 islands in the Andaman Ocean on the West Coast of Thailand, 42 small islands amongst those sit in the shallow-ish water of Phang Nga Bay territory. From Phuket Town we decided to head down to Ao Tho Li Viewpoint to catch the amazing view of the little islands popping out of the Andaman Sea. The last section requires some offroad riding up and down a steep slope.

Phrom Thep Cape

Planned to visit my favourite place in Phuket just before sunset so that we may watch as the sun disappear into the Andaman Sea. Phromthep Cape or Laem Phromthep is the Phuket's southernmost cape and the most beautiful Sunset viewpoint in Thailand especially in late December-March. The gold glimmering light is gradually painting on the water surface is the breathtaking view of many visitors. From the Cape you can see Kaew Island in the front, Nai Ya Beach on the left and Nai Han Beach on the right. Sugar palm trees and grass painted with gold sunlight in the summer are the unique things only seen in Phuket. One of the landmarks in Phromthep Cape is Kanjanaphisek Lighthouse which was built on the occasion of King Bhumibol's 50th anniversary accession. Light from the lighthouse can be seen afar for 39 km. Inside the lighthouse, there is an exhibition of the process of construction of the lighthouse including the standard time and how to calculate the time of sunset. On the top of the lighthouse is the most popular viewpoint where you can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the Cape. Nearby places Ra Wai Beach, 3 Beaches View Point, Nai Han Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach

Back to our hotel and spending the time around our hotel...

Ride The Andaman 2019

Day 4

Phuket - Hatyai


Heading down back to Hatyai for another 2 nights in Thailand. Along the way we shall be visiting a few interesting places.

Sarasin Bridge

Many of us know that Sarasin bridge is the only crossing into Phuket (Thailand biggest island) from the mainland. But what many do not know is that it holds a Romeo&Juliet tragedy love story as well.

Sarasin Bridge "The Bridge of Love"

The love tragedy originally starts with Dam-a young man local bus driver-who falls in love with a lovely Teachers College student, Gew. Dam is only a guy who earns very little, he lives from hand to mouth while Gew was born in a wealthier family.

It wouldn’t be a real tragic love if Gew’s father didn’t judge their love.

Gew’s father dictated his daughter’s life by not allowing her to think and act freely. He wanted Gew to be married with a rich guy, not poor man like Dam. But Gew and Dam didn’t’ give up. They were trying to make her dad understand what their true love is. On contrary, dad hated what they have done. He sometimes detained Gew inside the house, for worse, he hit her like a slave, not a beloved daughter as she supposed to be.

Even thought Gew’s father was too blinded to see a glory of his daughter’s love, but not in villagers’ eyes. Some of them have convinced Gew’s father, but he never ever once listened to what they’ve told. He still wanted his daughter to get married with a rich guy.

Tham Sam

A cave with a long wall covered with large paintings of people. These have no connection or resemblance to the many ancient cave paintings found around the region except that both are made with natural pigments – probably derived from tree sap. These consist entirely of red, white, and black and the lively results from the limited palate are a testament to the great skill of the artist or artists.

Koh Yo Island Bridge

Longest Concrete bridge in Thailand

Linking Songkla - KoYo across the Songkhla lake, this is Thailand longest concrete bridge. The bridge, which is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, spans Songkhla Lake and is part of Highway 408. The bridge has two parts with the first part connecting the coast of Amphoe Muang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the southern coast of Ko Yo for a total distance of 1,140 meters. The second part connects the northern shore of Ko Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao for a total distance of 1,800 meters. It was opened to traffic on 25 September 1986.

Considered as the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, Tinsulanond Bridge was built across Songkhla Lake and is part of Highway 408 which was opened to traffic on 25 September 1986. First part of the bridge connected the coast of Amphoe Mueang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the southern coast of Koh Yo for a total distance of 1,140 meters while the second part connected the northern shore of Koh Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao for a total distance of 1,800 meters.

Arrived in Hatyai in the late afternoon, checked into a hotel and off we go roaming the streets in search of food. Hatyai being one of the main town on the southern border of Thailand has plenty of halal food options to offer. Hatyai is famous for serving Malaysian tourist who comes here over the weekend to shop, eat and have fun.

We have Adli joining us in Hatyai. He has just rode up to Hatyai with his wife on a Ducati Scrambler

Ride The Andaman 2019

Day 5

Around Songkhla

Today is our last day in Thailand before we depart for home tomorrow. A lazy start for everyone as most prefer to just laze around and spend the morning and afternoon in Hatyai Town. For us, we had decided to visit a few places around Songkhla Province. There are plenty of history in Songkhla as it used to be under the rule of the Malay Rulers.

Songkhla Historical Park

Just who is Prem Tinsulanonda??

General Prem Tinsulanonda

Prem Tinsulanonda is a retired Thai military officer who served as Prime Minister of Thailand from 3 March 1980 to 4 August 1988, during which time he was credited with ending a communist insurgency and presiding over accelerating economic growth and statesman of Thailand.

As president of the Privy Council, he served as Regent of Thailand from the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 13 October 2016, until the 1 December 2016 proclamation of Vajiralongkorn as King.

At age 98, Prem is currently the oldest living former Thai Prime Minister.

King Sulaiman Tomb of the Singgora Sultanate

King Sulaiman of Singgora

The sultanate's history was documented in accounts, letters and journals written by British and Dutch East India Company traders; its destruction was discussed in books and reports authored by representatives of the French embassies to Siam in the mid 1680s. Sultan Sulaiman's family history has also been chronicled: Princess Sri Sulalai, a consort of King Rama II and mother of King Rama III, was descended from Sultan Sulaiman; present-day descendants include the 22nd Prime Minister of Thailand and a former Navy admiral.

All is fine no injuries to bike...soft beach sand is good for falling. Surprisingly this bike id much easier to lift up. Effortless!!!!

This will be about 330kg to lift up

Help Needed In The Abandoned Cemetery

When u are alone at the cemetary.... and you dropped the bike..... Any kind souls to help...hahaha

"Any kind souls to help?"

The old Fortress of Singgora

The Sultanate of Singora was a heavily fortified port city in southern Thailand and the precursor of the present-day town of Songkhla. It was founded in the early 17th-century by a Persian, Dato Mogol, and flourished during the reign of his son, Sultan Sulaiman Shah. In 1680, after decades of conflict, the city was destroyed and abandoned; remains include forts, city walls, a Dutch cemetery and the tomb of Sultan Sulaiman Shah. An inscribed cannon from Singora bearing the seal of Sultan Sulaiman Shah is displayed next to the flagpole at the Royal Hospital Chelsea,

**Just a note, please be careful when hiking alone in a unfamiliar place.

Samila Cape

Here at the cape there are plenty of attraction that tourist would visit. This has been made into a touristy development. The main pull of the area is the Khaki coloured sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers.

On the other side of the cape you will find the Songkhla port. Songkhla has over the years been a maritime port region for the ships from around the world. The southern navy of Thailand is also sutuated around the cape.

These are some of the attraction that you can go to (i did not visit all)

- Songkhla Zoo

- Songkhla Aquarium

- Samila Beach

- Naga Statues (head, body and tail....find them all)

- Mermaid and reading man statues

- Palace of the king.

Take a ferry across the channel for the experience.

Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Memorial

Father of the Thai Navy.

Overlooking & protecting the important maritime route around the cape of Songkhla. Songkhla has now developed into an important maritime port of call.

Tang Kuan Hill

Khao Tang Kuan is a tourist attraction in Muang District of Songkhla Province. It is a high mountain which is about 2,000 feet from sea level. From the peak of the mountain, you can see the scenery of Songkhla town. ChediPhrathat Koo Muang, a Buddha relic of Songkhla Province that was built in Nakhon Sri Thammarat Empire, is situated on the peak of the mountain. It is in Dvaravati art style (on the mountain, about 2,000 feet above sea level.) King Mongkut (King Rama IV) gave his own money to repair this temple. In 1996, King Bhumibol (King Rama IX) gave the Buddha relics to locate in the pagoda

Khao Saen Rocks

This time I bring to you a legend/myth/folklore....behind the rocks.

The legend that has been told without a clear period of time, but certainly relating to the establishment Phra Borommathart Chedi of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

"Kao Seen" has been a specific calling name since the old times to this ordinary mountain. The scientific explanation may say that the mountain was formed up from lava and protruded into the sea while religious explanation many say that God created it. Anyway, nobody can prove the origin of this mountain. However, there is a tale regarding the name of this mountain "Kao Saen"

The tale said "Nai Raeng" a man who had no prove where he was from., but it was presumed that he might be a Java man traveling from Pattani and heading to Nakhon Si Thammarat with intention to join in the merit making of enshrining Buddha relics into the chedi of Wat Phra Mahathart Nakhon Si Thammarat Temple. While he was traveling on the way, arriving about the area and he got to know that the ceremony at Wat Phra Mahathat Nakhon Si Thammarat had finished. He then felt disappointed that he could not be able to make it in time. He ordered his men to take all of his possession. His possessions treasure 900,000 baht in those days. (900,000 is Kao-saen in Thai term)

Before he was beheaded, Nai Raeng cursed on his treasure that whoever took them would be destined to suffer misfortunes, only his descendant could be able to take the treasure. Then he was beheaded and his head was placed on his treasure. Due to a large body of Nai Raeng, his head was as large as the rock that exists on the mountain. His men placed a meal wrapped meal became petrified and is called "Hin Khao Hor".

The rumor of beheaded Nai Raeng spread out and a lot of people including Thai and Chinese people tried to prove as a descendant of Nai Raeng by pushing out the large rock to take the treasure, but none has succeeded in doing so. The mountain was called "Khao Kao Saen" and slightly distorted pronounce to "Kao Seng"

Sunset just in time when we are back in Hatyai town for the night.

Riding The Andaman

Day 6

Hatyai - Singapore


Today we are making our way back to Singapore, 880km away.

Trip Complete

Total Distance for this short trip = 3152km

Singapore - Sadao -Trang - Phuket -Hatyai- Singapore