Panigale Kingdom Trackday May 22

Panigale Kingdom Trackday May 22

A few of us went for the Panigale Kingdom Trackday in May 2022 under the Ducati Motor CLub Singapore (DMCS). We attended a 4 hour session at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Panigale Kingdom Trackday Time Attack

Getting the Panigale 1199S Tricolore on the track of Sepang

It was the Vesak day weekend. Headed up to Kuala Lumpur ion the Friday afternoon. Headed up riding on our track bikes with a few other riders and crew in the support vehicle. The riders had planned to head up together in the afternoon while the support vehicle is heading up in the evening.

There were a few hiccup along the way but there was nothing that teamwork cannot solve. Much thanks to Syafiq Khan for all the on the spot rectification work. We managed to roll into Kuala Lumpur within 2 and half hour. We headed straight down to Madani Bikes at Ducati Kuala Lumpur to service our bike and solve - rectify whatever problem the bikes were having along the way (these are old racebikes).

Once everything was settled and the bikes are ready for the trackday taking place tomorrow, we headed to Concorde Hotel and checked into our rooms. Along the way up we were caught in rain so we needed a good shower and change of clothes. Later at night we were hosted by Ducati Official CLub Malaysia (DOCM)'s President, Vice President and some other members over dinner and some activities planned for us. We had a go at Golf in a golf driving range. We were taught and coached on the essential of hitting the balls to make it "fly". We ended the whole session quite late at night. All set for tomorrow's track day with Panigale Kingdom.

Early morning start on Sunday morning, we headed down to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) in Putrajaya region. It took us about 40 mins to ride to the track from downtown Kuala Lumpur. The three riders rode to SIC first to make sure we are in time for the registration. The rest came a bit later due to our late night the night before.

Registration & Briefing

Registration and briefing takes place early in the morning. We were briefed on the safety aspect of the circuit and the regulations. We managed to do a final prep on the bikes before the start at 9am.. It will be a 4 hours track session.

Some photos of on the track riding courtesy of some of the freelance photographer around the track.

Some of our very own photos from our guys around the track

Track Day Photos on the bikes

Early Sunday morning, I rode and visit Uncle Azman, my foster family in KL (Rumah Biru kampung Bahru). Last we met was before the Covid pandemic for Hari Raya as well. We spent some time catching up on the 2 years that we have missed due to border closure and the Covid 19 pandemic. We chatted about many things and finding that our shared passion for bikes still remain the same. it was great to meet the rest of the family of "Rumah Biru" . It was great to see that everyone was doing well.

From there we took a spin around in Kuala Lumpur on the bike for some photo taking at various places. Headed back to the hotel in the afternoon to catch up with the rest.

Uncle Azman

Part of my adopted family in Kuala Lumpur. They have been staying at the famous Blue House in Kampong Bahru for many generantion

The Red Baron has landed. Arrived safely home and ready for bed. We had left Kuala Lumpur early on Monday morning (Vesak Day Holiday). I rode back on my own as the others wanted to spend a little more time in Kuala Lumpur. For me I just hope to spend the holiday with the family after being away for the past 3 days.

Thank you to everyone from Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) for making this such an enjoyable ride.We ride for friendship and for the love of the motorsports.

While the rest are having post ride supper at JB,

Time to catch up in the much needed rest and sleep.

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