Melaka Red Weekend 2018

The birth of DOCM (Singapore Chapter)

Melaka Red Weekend 2018 - The Birth of DOCM (Singapore Chapter)

It was the usual invitation by our counterparts from Malaysia for a lunch date at the famous asam pedas shop in Melaka. The bikers from Singapore, ducati riders of all make and model, who were interested made our way up to Melaka. We were hosted by Desmo Owners Club Malaysia. From here, we fell in love with the brotherhood and camaraderie of the Malaysia bikers and the idea to start a chapter of DOCM in Singapore evolved. Red Baron was the first to sign up as an official DOCM member from Singapore and Abdul Qayyum followed suit. Together we suggested the idea to the committee members of DOCM to start a wing in SIngapore.

This is the start of a great friendship/partnership between the two clubs and countries. DOCM(SG) was formed.