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Kayo’s minigp was designed to fill the void, providing a racing quality motorcycle at an affordable price.

Riding a minigp bike, riders use the same techniques as those used while riding bigger superbikes or GP bikes.

Because the minigp motorcycles are ridden on smaller karting tracks, the lower speed makes pushing to the limits less risky than riding bigger motorcycles, and allows the rider to confidently explore the limits of the motorcycle.

KF1 Track @ Kranji

Located at Kranji, Singapore

DMCS MiniGP @ SBR Trackday

17 Oct 21 Edition

Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) took part in SBR Track day organised at KF1 Track on 17 October 2021. A total of 9 riders signed up for this track day. This is the closest you can come to Sepang with the borders still closed for travelling. Therefore this is one way for most adrenaline junkie to release steam. DMCS is happy that SBR Racing is willing to work together with us to enable us to apply for group booking. We were able to block off certain slots that we wanted.

As we were new to the track we had briefing given to us to know more about the track. We also had an orientation around the track prior to our session when we were left alone. Overall everyone enjoyed the session and cannot wait to return for more.

For most of us, it was our first time riding a small GP bike in a small track (KF1 Track). The track was made for Go karts but has been approved for use with small bikes. We had to learn the racing lines for this track as well as familiarise with the layout of the track. We may not be fast this time but we will surely come back for more. With more practise I am sure we can improve. This will do until Sepang Track is open after the pandemic.

A short Video of our Mini GP @SBR Trackday.

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Event: SBR Trackdays 17 Oct 2021

Some photos of the night (18 October 2021)

DMCS MiniGP @ SBR Trackday

01 November 21 Edition

Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) took part in our second SBR Track day organised at KF1 Track on 01 November 2021. A total of 7 riders signed up for this track day. A way to release steam while the border is still closed, DMCS has created a way for us to release steam on this KF1 Track.

Thank you to SBR Trackdays for organising and accepting our group bookings.

Kayo Mini GP

01 November 2021 Edition

Ducati Motor Club Singapore (DMCS) takes part in the SBR Trackdays Kayo Mini GP @KF1

Some photos of the night (01 November 2021)

DMCS MiniGP Night

01 November 2021 edition of the DMCS MiniGP Night.

Event organised by SBR Trackdays

As this was our second time at this track, we were more familiar with the corners and turns around the track. Everyone improved in their performance as compared to the previous session. We had each booked two slots for tonight trackdays and fully utilised them to gain more knowledge on riding in a much more tight and technical track. We look forward to improving ourselves and to the next trackday session.