Day Trip Only 7 Oct 22

Day Trip Only 7 Oct 22

This is the Children's Day holiday for us educators of the younger minds so what a better way to keep us young then taking a ride to keep our mind stress free and do what we enjoy most. We had planned a day for riding around the western coast of Johore and up to Melaka (aimed for dinner) and then will hit back to Singapore before the night ends (12 Midnight). It will just be a nice slow ride along the western coast of Johore to start of the ride. First up....ride to breakfast to fill in the hungry morning tummy.

The Breakfast Morning

Our route up along the western coast of Johor. We kept to the coastline from the town of Pontian all the way up to Batu Pahat where we had our breakfast. Then we had a short stop over in Yong Peng to visit a site.

Fortune Dragon Park

The Fortune Dragon or Prosperity Dragon is a dragon statue in Yong Peng, Batu Pahat District, Johor, Malaysia. At a length of 115 meters, it is the world's largest and longest dragon tunnel in the world. The status is located within the Che Ann Khor Yong Peng Association building area.

Our first stop to sightsee today will be the fortune dragon site in Yong Peng. This is a. mini garden filled with taoist sculptures and mythology. There is a temple nearby as well. Entrance to the park is cheap about 10 ringgit per person. Although the park is not that big, you can spend some 20 to 30 minutes within the park as you take photos among the artwork.

From here the sky has already started to turn dark. And we were only half a day into our planned ride. From Yong Peng we entered the highway and were caught in the rain along the way into Melaka. The rain stopped as we entered Melaka although it was for a short respite period of time.

Putu Piring Melaka

First stop as we entered historical Melaka Town was to drop by the famous putu piring shop that only opens for 2 to 3 hours a day. Yes their delicacies gets sold out within that short period of time. As we arrived the queue was already snaking out and we are almost at the end of the predicted closing time. Luckily we are still able to purchase their delicacies.

Klebang Coconut Shake

Our next foodie stop in Melaka was also the famous Klebang coconut shake in the coast of Melaka. As we were festing on the food and the coconut shake, a huge and heavy downpour rained on us. Stuck in heavy rain....lets sit back and enjoy Coconut shake.

Peranakan Association for Babas and Nyonyas (Melaka)

Managed to find time after the rain to drop by the Baba Nyonya Association of Melaka. The origin of Baba Nyonya can be traced back to centuries ago when the Chinese emigrated from China to the British Straits Settlement of Melaka, Singapore, Penang and also Java of Indonesia. The Chinese then married the local females and their distinct background, cultures and customs blended together harmoniously and became baba nyonya in “Peranakan” culture. As we were loitering outside of the Association, we were invited by the manager to come in and have a look at the place....what luck. We went in to have a look around on the heritage and the antique of that Peranakan culture.

From there we headed to a young and hipster biker cafe. as it started to rain again in the late evening, we just sat down and chill at the cafe sipping our hot drinks. It was quiet as the cafe had just opened up when we arrived. The crowd started to build when we were aboiut to leave around 7pm.

Sungei Duyung

For dinner we headed down to Sungei Duyung river mouth to enjoy the old school kampong style seafood dinner.

the catch was fresh from the sea as the "nelayans" or fisherman arrived in their boats delivering their catch to the restaurants located by the river mouth. Dinner was a simple affair as the two. of us shared the spread. We truly enjoyed the dinner and the taste is as usual....marvellous.

Rode back down after dinner leaving Melaka at around 9.30pm. The ride back was nice and cooling, the after effects of the huge rainstorm we encountered for the day. Arrived at Gelang Patah just before 11pm and we bade our goodbyes.

Thank. you Kim for joining us on this ride.

Our Route for the 1 Day Trip



.... Keep on riding ....