The Gathering Day Trip Only

3 July 22

In the early morning of July 3 2022, we decided to go up to the state of Johor for a ride around in search of places that we used to frequent on weekend breakfast rides before the closure of the Singapore - Malaysia border.

It was going to be a solo 1-day trip only.

Our Planned Route

This is the planned route that we have planned to ride for the day starting with breakfast in Air Papan, lunch at Rompin, perhaps a Durian treat in Segamat and hopefully ending off with a seafood dinner in Melaka..

This is a 1 Day Trip Only.

The Gathering - 1 Day Trip Only

5.45am and we are ready to warm up the tyres. The idea was " Let's slap on those panniers and do what a touring bike should do." Actually I had just received order of the new "metal ice cream box" aluminium panniers from Ducati. It had been in order for quite some time and I had waited for almost 6 month before getting it delivered from factory. Early morning departure ensure that the weather was nice and cooling to start the day. It was always nice to experience the time of sunrise. There is always something magical about sunrise and sunset.

Did you know?

There is a Kampung Singapura in Johor Malaysia. This is situated in the town of Sedili.

Arrived at Tiger Base camp. A good time to test out those panniers and see how it performs in such offroad condition. Praying hard not to fall the bike over. It is no joke to travel alone and have no one around for miles to help with these heavy bikes in case of tipover.

If all is good.....Lets goooooo for a swim.

Side note: I am not the type that goes looking for such offroad on these heavy bikes.

Next to hit the beach for breakfast and relax. Where else but our favourite spot for a morning breakfast ride about 150km distance from Tuas checkpoint is the Town of Mersing and it boast a beautiful beach in Air Papan. Took the opportunity to hang out the wet clothes from the swim in Tiger Base Camp.

Sit back, eat breakfast and enjoy a cup.

Air Papan is the easiest and simplest breakfast route for many as they enjoy the ride along Route 3, the eastern trunk road linking Johore to Kelantan. It traverse the entire Pantai Timur (Eastern Coast) of Malaysia. Simple kampung food available

So whats for lunch?

Today we have having Udang Galah @ Leban Condong. Big prawns the size of your fist they are. 2 are enough for me (High in cholestrol).

From here we will cut across Muadzam Shah towards Segamat. Anyone having durians in Segamat today?

Stopped by for some kampung durians by the roadside in Segamat. Segamat and also Tangkak are known for their durian farms .

From there we rode dowm the spine of Malaysian trunk roads, Route 1 drom Segamat to Yong Peng. Enjoyed thw rolercoasters, the bends and wide open roads (only thing its peak hours). Overtaking, legal and illegal were needed along the way.

Completed around 640km of Malaysian trunk roads today. Its nice to be riding back on Route 3 and Route 1..not forgetting half the stretch of Muadzam Shah. Also the inner roads along the plantation and beach were in great condition.

Our rewards for today.